Gold Leaf Supplies/Gilding Supplies.


gtilding boxHere you will find a range of gold leaf supplies that includes everything in the price, no extra taxes, shipping or handling for those in the UK and Europe.

To the USA, Australasia and the Far & Middle East a postal surcharge will apply, please ask for details: Richard

I have put together a very nice gilding kit, the kit comprises a solid hard wood hinged box.

A gilders cushion mounted on the top.

One of the best gilding knives in the world, stainless steel blade, triple riveted rosewood handle by Wrights of Lymme

An agate burnisher.

You also get a book of imitation gold leaf plus pumice powder which is used to de grease the cushion.

You will also get a copy of this popular step by step gilding manual. in .pdf format.

Right now we have quite a long list of people wanting one of our gilding boxes, if you would care to be put on our wating list please email Richard at






Price £140.80 includes tracked shipping within Europe. Shipping to the USA, Australasia & the Far East will incur extra shipping charges, please ask for details. This item is sent by expedited delivery.

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 The following items include postage within Europe, for other destinations please mail me:


gilding suppliesGilding supplies - A genuine agate burnisher at a very affordable price, , it is less than half the price of burnishers currently available. Useful if you wish to be able to burnish highlights when using gesso. Price £17.99 shipping included.




Gold leaf supplies. These gilding knives will last for generations, they are made from the finest Sheffield steel.

Price £28.99 shipping included


gold leaf supplies

Gilding supplies - Gilding Cushion. I have made these  gilding cushions myself. Measuring 9" x 6" the leather is not only glued in position, but riveted with brass rivets. The leather I chose is particularly dense and tough. It will last many years.

Price £39.99


gold leaf suppliesGilding Supplies - Shellac Size. This is the shellac size I use myself and recommend you try, some people advocate the use of an oil based size, some prefer a water based size, I use shellac as it is very easy to prepare and dries quickly, it can also be used to seal the leaf and imparts a pleasing colour to the gold leaf.


Please note, we have not increased our prices since 2013, in the intervening years the price of raw shellac has increased dramatically.

Price £30.56




red ochre

Red Ochre Pigment 30g 

Used to provide a background colour prior to gilding. Mix with de-natured alcohol (methylated spirits) and apply with a brush.

Price £9.99


crackle varnish

Quality Gold Leaf Supplies. Two Part Crackle Glaze.

In my opinion this two part fine crack crackle varnish is the easiest to get predictable results from.

Just make sure that work is not done in cold conditions, and that you apply thin coats.



Price per 50ml bottle of bottom coat and top coat. £18.99



simple scribe

Gilding supplies - Simple Scribe Gold Size. I developed this gold size (adhesive) after using several of the acrylic based gold sizes. The problem they had in my opinion was that they called for the user to apply the gold leaf "at the right time", what the right time was depended in part on your local conditions, humidity etc.

The size I supply is ready when it is dry, simple as that. This is because this gold size dries sticky, a very simple idea which has taken all the guesswork out of the gilding process.

This size is perfect for gilding onto paper and other flexible surfaces.


 50 ml £15.60 includes shipping




gilding kitsGilding supplies - 380g pack of gilders whiting.

 Price £23.99 including shipping






gilding50g of Fine grade pumice powder.

This is essential for keeping the gilding cushion free of grease.

Price £16.50 including shipping 


 antique glaze

Gilding Supplies - 5g Pot of Antique Glaze.

The correct glaze to use with all the projects mentioned on this site. A little goes a long way.

Price £8.70 including shipping



Gilding Supplies - gold leafImitation gold leaf is a vastly under rated material, I used it all the time in our workshops for a variety of things. It comes in various shades, the one I sell here is a very close match to 23 carat gold leaf in colour, it looks very convincing when used in place of genuine gold leaf.

You can purchase it here from this site at prices lower than most places online and lower than you would pay in a store.










Hi there, I've been browsing your wonderful website and I can't wait to have a go at some of the techniques you explore on there. Your manuals are definitely the best Iv'e found on the internet. 
Seb Dale 
I just want to salute your generosity in giving away your gilding knowledge. Excellent guide books,  I was not able to find such a simplified explanation in any book at the local library. 
Ghassan Haddad 
After looking at various sites and suppliers on the net, your site is just wonderful - clear, accessible, descriptive and demystifying. Thanks so much for making your knowledge available! Liz 
You did a brilliant job of mentoring me through my project, it turned out very well, I am extremely happy with the results.
Your manuals are excellent. I easily worked my way through your gilded manuscript project and the result is now framed and hanging in my living room. Thank you.